“I, being of legal age, of my own free will, after having been duly advised and warned of the meaning and consequences of this oath, enroll n the Federal Service for not less than two years and as much longer as may be required by the needs of the Federation.” —Starship Troopers


[a bit photo heavy]

“They’re doing their part. Are you? Join the Mobile Infantry and save the world. Service guarantees citizenship.” —Newsreel Announcer 

Citizen 07

“I need a corporal. You’re it, until you’re dead or I find someone better.”–Jean Rasczak

Citizen 05

“Welcome to the Roughnecks”–Jean Rasczak


Hair: A&Y Bunker-Cyro Hair [O1][Female]

Eyes: Clemmm-Demoneee Faded Blue

Eye Enhancement: Beat[BOX]- Cyber lenses [Marketplace]

Makeup 1: Technotis- Makeup-Circuit [Tattoo comes with makeup only, marketplace]

Makeup 2: Beautiful Freak- Solus Eyeshadow- Arctic

Piercing: Motivaction Store- USB & Plug Piercing [Marketplace Its no V2, its just the plain version, modded it]

Robot Eye: Death Row Designs- Robo Eye [Free, Old group gift]

Ear Piercings: HoD- Counterpart Ear Piercings & Gauge Set

Mask: Zombie Suicide- Obsessed Mask [Project Limited Item][Shown in Black]

Collar: The Plastik- Pandorica [Shown in Stark]

Outfit: Sn@tch-Cyber Wired Latex Suit

Cuffs: Pepper- Name Collar set

Heart: Dv8- Atomic Heart

Corset: Sn@tch- Passion of the corset [Mesh]

Boots: A&Y Bunker- Deux Boots Metallic [Shown in Black]

Weapon: S.I.C- S0705 [Old hunt item]

Poses: supPOSEdly- Kennedy, Heroics, and Valentine [Thank you so much Billyjo ^-^!]

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