“Du bist ein Kunstprodukt”

“TV makes you superstar”




“Du bist die puppe.”

“In einem spiel”

“Nummer eins sein.”

“ist das ziel.”

“Du hast’s geschafft.”

“ein star zu sein”

“doch in drei wochen”

“nimmt diesen platz ein and’rer ein.”

Hair: Action Hair- Lucy [Overdose Collection]

Collar: Pure Poison- Red Devil Collar

Necklace: Furry Fashion- Paw Necklace [New][Mesh][Free, hunt item]

Piercing: Haus of Darcy- Solomen Chest Dermals Cross [New][Mesh][Shown in Slide]

Tattoo: Dethly Productions- Roses Tattoo [Free; hunt item]

Corset: Sn@tch- Noel Plaid Corset [New][Mesh][Shown in Red]

Gloves: SAKIDE- Leather Armwarmers [Mesh][Shown in Red]

Pants: Sn@tch- Fiasco Leather Pants [New][Mesh][Shown in Red]

Shoes: R.Iciello- Luna Studded High Heels [Mesh][Shown in Red][15L, VLiet’s Birthday Hunt]

Purse: KRea- ChocoZombie Bag [Old hunt item; ZombiePopcorn]

Poses: oOo Studio

Hare: BeetleBones- Arctic Friends Snowshoe Hare [Mesh][Gacha item][Shown in grey]

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