Where I can never be

“And nothing I say.”

And nothing I can be.”

“And nothing I do will ever bring you back to me.”

“And all that we love.”

And all that we hope for.”

“And all that we dreamed is lost and slowly fades away.”

“You are still breathing, so.”

You are where I can never be…”



Hair: Tameless Hair- Macayla [New][Mesh] [Shown in Fades]

Bow Tie: Bliensen + MaiTai- Drusilla- Bow Tie/Brooch [New][Mesh][Gothmas by Gaslight]

Outfit: Violent Seduction- Royal Star [New][Semi Mesh; Undershirt not mesh][Gothmas by Gaslight]


Chair: by Nacht- Skelly Chairs- Ultra Rare Skelly Chair [New][Gacha; Gothmas by Gaslight]

Lamp: by Nacht- Gacha Lamps- Ultra Rare Lamp [New][Gacha; Gothmas by Gaslight]

Hare: BeetleBones- Arctic Friends Snowshoe Hare Pal [New][Mesh][Grey][Gacha]

Tree: Zanzibar Creationz- Lonely Christmas Bauble- Greetings Red [New][Gothmas by Gaslight]

Pose: Flash Friendly Poses- Coraline Trapt [New][Mesh][Gothmas by Gaslight]


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