I can’t seem to find Molly

“I’m swervin’, I’m drivin'”

“Ain’t got time to be tired.”

“I’m super turnt, don’t try me.”

“Killin’ yo mind off and flockin’ yo body.”

“Bitch wanna flick, pose for my posse.”

“Got to much shit to worry about gossip.”

“I’m on a bad trip…”

And I can’t seem to find MOLLY.”


Hair: Tameless Hair- Cora [New][Mesh]

Skin: Aeva//Heartsick- Willow Skin

Eyes: Song- Murky Eyes [New][Free]

Makeup: Glamorize- Twist Eye Make up & lips

Piercings: Zombie Suicide- Talulah Piercing [New][Mesh][Perfect Wardrobe]

Ears: Hebenon Vial- Pierced Ears [Shown in Cutie Cartoon Pack]

Collar: Sn@tch- Spoiled Leather Collar [Mesh]

Necklace: Zombie Suicide- Octo Necklace [New][Mesh][Shown in Black]

Shirt: Sn@tch- NSFW Ravage Tees

Gloves: Sn@tch- Glory Gloves [Shown in Black]

Tattoo: Para Designs- Loyalty

Bottoms: Zombie Suicide- Essentials Skirts n Leggings [New][Mesh]

Purse: YumYums- Hard Candy Purse [Shown in Swirl/Zombie]

Shoes: Kiki Designs- Studded Pumps

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