“A poet of tragedies, scribe I lauds to death.”

“Yet who the hell was I to dare.”


“Canst thou not see thou to me needful art.”

“Canst thou not see the loss of loe painful is.”

1000 yr curse

Hair: Elikatira- Soft

Skin: Aeva//Heartsick- Poppy- Tone 5

Make-up: LA Malvada Mujer- Erica- # 2 [Full][Cosmetics Fair 2013] [New]

Piercing: Zombie Suicide- Bleed me dry [Perfect Wardrobe][New]

Stitches: Zombie Suicide- Neck Stitches [Horror Fest][New]

Mask: 5&20-Gehenna Mask [Horror Fest][New]

Modification: Zombie Suicide- Hollow Star [Body Modification Fair][New][Unrigged Mesh]

Dress: Sakide- Wilds Dress Red [Horror Fest][New]

Shoes: Zombie Suicide- Revenge Heels

Coffin: Backwoods Mafia- Coffin Set [Horror Fest][New]

Crypt: Sn@tch- Royal Vampire Crypt [Free][ System Failure Prize]


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