Here in the black

“Here in the black there’s  a feeling of loss.”

“But it’s a hungry and restless”

“And it’s looking, desperate for something.”

“And it feels like a job, all the screaming and helpless.”

“And this, absent of mercy, it’s alive and now it’s filled.”

“With not a shred of compassion or love.”

“It comes like a burden of evil and it stays in the ground.”

“Where’s a desolate shadow of fear.”

Spooky Couture

Horror Fest started, be sure to check out all the charity items and don’t forget its a hunt going on. Hurry on over!

Hair: Tameless Hair- Hadley [NEW][Mesh]

Jewelry: Chaos, Panic, & Disorder- Arachnophobia set [New] [Horror Fest]

Dress: The Little Bat- Creepy Cocktail Dress- Zombies [New] [Mesh][Horror Fest]

Coffin Shelf: Adorn.Mint- Dead Mans Bookshelf [New] [Horror Fest]

Candy bucket: Balaclava!- Bloody Candy Bucket Filled [New][Mesh][Horror Fest]

Jewelry Box: Beach Street- Coffin Jewelry Box [New][Mesh][Horror Fest][Shown in Purple]

Table: Half-Deer- Terror Table [New][Mesh][Horror Fest][Shown in Black/Black]


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