The Doll Underground

“This is the second communicate from the doll underground.”

“Doll Underground.”

“Look where you live, trap homes, stamped out in alternating orientation camouflage the revolution.”

“This is the first sign of the owners that you’ve become their stock.”

Only you can help the doll underground.”

Glamorized Doll

The Doll Underground

[Honestly, I hope I was close or near correct on the third sentence. It was a pain to listen to that over and over again to figure it out! ]

Hair: Tameless Hair- Pippa [New][Mesh]

Skin: Aeva//Heartsick- Soma- Tone 5- Twilight Haze [Available The Outlet Sales Room]

Eyes: Gola- # Xkingfisher White [FREE, Group gift free to join]

Collar: Zombie Suicide- Shimmer Collar

Dress: Razorblade Jacket- Prowler Dress [New][Mesh][Available Stalkerazzi]

Leggings: Sn@tch- Ziggy Leggings

Bear: YumYums- War-Ready ilo- Glamour [NEW][Mesh][Available Stalkerazzi]

Boots: Razorblade Jacket- Enforcer Boots [New][Mesh][Available Men’s Dept.]

Bracelet 1: Ducknipple- Opelia Gloves

Bracelet 2: Muka- Bracelet Black [Free][American Bazaar Hunt]

Tattoo: Letis Tattoo- Diphda

Nail Applier: By Snow- Fasionable Black [Marketplace][Dollarbie]

Poses: Focus Poses- Model 120

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