Savior, am I?

” They say I’m unforgiven and I have to pay.”

” Like I’m the demon resurrection.”

” They say that I turn innocence to panic.”

” But I don’t care”

” They say that my obsession is unholy.”

“That I deviate from reason.”

“They say I make you suffer for my sins.”

“I hope you forgive me.”

“Do you want it?”

” My desire…”

Urban Drow


I wanted to do a do something different instead off the ol’ regular drow. I’ve been re-reading some of my favorite Urban Fantasy authors while I’ve been sick. So I combined a few ideas from the book. We <3 RP, is open and I highly recommend to check out Aeva//Heartsicks drow skin. I like how it has a hint of redness in there. Piercing I am using is from Ellabella and the pose is from Musa. All these items can be found at We <3 RP.

Hair: Tameless- Roxi [NEW][MESH]

Skin: Aeva-Fable-Paris-Dark Drow-Tribal [We <3 RP]

Eyes: Chus- Cyber A.I [VERY old item, probably no longer available]

Piercing: Ellabella- Ysandre- Onyx & Peacock Ore [We <3 RP]

Corset: The Plastik- Lilium Corset [Lazy Sunday Item, still out]

Pose: Musa- Sword Pose- 004 [We <3 RP][Comes with Sword]

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