Freakshow: Madame Alekya

I eagerly await your question. My metaphysical wisdom is at your disposal…” —Madame Alekya





Hat: Goth1c0- Top Gothic Hat with Corset [Part of outfit][Free; Twisted Hunt Fall]

Hair: Tameless Hair- Trinity [New][Mesh]

Skin: Aeva- Soma

Eyes: Songbird- Trypophobia Eyes[ Gacha item][Twisted Hunt Fall][Shown in Blue and Yellow]

Makeup: Goth1c0- Scary Mad Clown [Free; Twisted Hunt Fall]

Ears: HoD- Dragon’s Tail Gauge & Piercing set

Collar: Goth1cO- Scary Mad Clown- Evil Clown Victorian[ Part of outfit][Free, Twisted Hunt Fall]

Ring: Zombie Suicide- Crow Skull ring [NEW]

Nails: Songbird- Dirty Tent [Gacha item][Twisted Hunt Fall][Shown in Blue][SLINK Nail Applier]

Outfit: MV- Orcale [2L hunt][Twisted Hunt Fall][This is a mini hunt for the twisted hunt for the store]

Props: Noctis- Madame Zol’as Fortune Teller Set [Free; Twisted Hunt Fall]

Twisted Hunt just started today, so have fun and enjoy.


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