Aeva//Heartsick Poppy overload

Aeva//Heartsick released a new skin called Poppy. She is included in all 8 tones, 0 being the lightest and 8 being the darkest. As shown below. I would have to say I really liked how Poppy looked on Syn it kind of makes her look a wee bit younger than what she is suppose to be, but that thing isn’t always bad! 

AevaHeartsick Poppy Natural ALL

I did mention that it was an overload correct? Well Poppy is also on sale at The Outlet Sales room for 100L, but its only in three tones: 2, 4, and 6 in an makeup called Neptune which is a pretty makeup.

AevaHeartsick Poppy Neptune

What comes with Poppy skins?

  • Cleavage, Mid, and No Cleavage.
  • Freckles, No Freckles, No Eyebrows, Eyebrows.
  • Eyelashes Long & Short
  • Lush Appliers, Tango Appliers, and Puffys
  • Mesh bare feet [color changeable for the nails, already matched with skin color for those that don’t have any other Mesh Feet.]
  • Teeth layer
  • Shape
  • Eyebrow shaper


Hair: Wasabi Pills- Claudette Hair [Mesh] [Available at Collabor 88]

Eyelashes: Damned- My perfect eyelashes

Eyes: Chus- <3 a moe [free, lucky board, join group]

Teeth: Candydoll- Prim braced teeth

Necklace: Sterling Artistry- Orientation Key necklace

Lingerie: Pink Sugah- Doll Lingerie [rainbow brite]

Poses: Pose Maniacs [In both photos; Carien available at Fri*Friday]

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