Creature comfort

“Creature comfort, supplicant”

“Let me tell you what I want”

“What’s the use, a void of course”

“Take the abuse, make it worse. “

“Creature comfort, delicate”

“Wish I could lose the day we met”

“Never in words to say this time”

“I should just keep this down inside. “


Hair:  Elikatira- Interrupt

Skin: Aeva- Tsuki- Tone 5 [group gift]

Eyes: Chus- Mogry eyes

Eyeshadow: The Plastik- Soul Ink Reloaded- Liner- Smudge-Makeup

Lipstick: Pink Fuel- Metallic Lipsticks [Taste the Rainbow hunt][Shown in violet]

Facial tattoo: The Silence- Judas Legacy [Marketplace]

Face armor: Yasum- Face armor- Pitch [Fantasy Gacha Carnival]

Facial Piercing: Zombie Suicide- Melly Piercing [NEW][MESH]

Bow: Zombie Suicide- Skully Bow Hair tie[NEW][MESH] [The Black Market]

Neck Bow: Phoebe Piercings-Cathia Mesh Bow Tie [The Thrift Shop 2]

Necklace: Sugar-Hope Necklace [Homeless Awareness Hunt]

Tattoo: Para Designs- Gothic Kiss Tattoo [Free]

Top: Blacklace- Primal-Tiger Rainbow Print & Lace Bra [Taste the rainbow Hunt][Part of outfit]

Corset: The Plastik- Anasaze Corset  w/ hip attachments

Skirt: The Plastik- Misfit Skirt [Not shown]

Back Piercing: Phoebe Piercings- Mesh Back Piercings P1 [Feebs Outlet]

Bracelets: Zombie Suicide- Star Wristbands [NEW]

Ears: Zombie Suicide- Mesh Gauged Base

[Buy the ear base first, then you buy the add-ons, make sure when you buy the add-ons you right click and ADD, don’t wear it.]

Add-ons: Zombie Suicide- Judgement Ear piercing [NEW]

Add-ons: Zombie Suicide- Zebra Plugs

Rings: Redmint- Silver Rings

Gloves: Plushberry- Laced Fingerless Gloves


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