The Fallen

“Put your hate in a box”

“See how it bleeds for you”

“I’ve watched you take your life and tear it apart.”

“Put your pain in a box.”

“I’ll send t back to you.”

“What have you become? A shadow of a man.”

Beautiful Death

“Do you fall like rain on the crying?”

“Cold and alone like the bitter and dying”

“Do you fall like dust on a ruin?”

“Empty and dead like the life you are loosing.”

Killable Romance

Hair: Magika- Stubborn

Skin: Aeva- Paris- Tone 5- Lacrimosa [FREE, group gift, free to join comes in all tones]

Mask: Black Pearls- Spider Mask Rare [Gold][ First time I’ve gotten a rare on first try. lol Didn’t attach the spider though] [Fantasy Gacha Carnival]

Piercing: Zombie Suicide- Ariel Mouth Piercing [NEW][MESH]

Piercing 2: Cute Poison- Atonement Piercing

Collar: HoD- Draconic Claw Collar

Ears: HoD- Counterpart Ear Piercing & Gauge set

Harness: Dark Prophet Designs- Weapons Harness IV- Advanced Dark Grey [Fantasy Gacha Carnival]

Corset, blood & knife: Sn@tch- If I can’t have you [OLD Hunt gift]

Pants: The Plastik- Aeda Slacks- Noir- Skinnies

Armor: Cobrahive- Chained Sleeves

Tattoo: Suicide Gurls- Sinner Tattoo [Old hunt gift]

Piercing 3: Phoebe Piercing- Belly Piercings P1 [NEW][MESH][Available at Fri*Friday]

Prop: Notics- The Barber’s Chair [Sinister Steampunk Hunt][Free][Comes with poses]


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