Amelia, on my mind

I wanted to try something different with the skin reviews. Instead of taking just the face, I took half body shot how its shown on my plus size shape. Aeva skins are really pretty, and hardly expensive and what you get is worth the price. The only down fall I dislike about the skins is that now a days you see different types of eyebrows textures Blonde, Black, and Red. On Aeva’s skins you only get one which is black. Sad, but you do get the No eyebrow skin as well. So Tattoo layers ladies which is what I do! Amelia in Oasis make up is available only at The Outlet Sales Room. 

TP: The Outlet Sales Room


Left to Right: Amelia- Tone 2-Oasis-Cleavage/Freckles, Amelia- Tone 4-Oasis-Mid Cleavage, Amelia- Tone 6-Oasis-No Cleavage/Freckles

Included in Skin Packs:

  • Tattoo Layer Eyelashes in Short and Long
  • Lush,Puffys! and Tango Appliers
  • Mesh Bare Feet, already set to skin tone
  • Tattoo Layer of Teeth and Alpha layer
  • Shape
  • Eyebrow Shaper

Hair: Discord Designs- Ciss [Hair Fair 2013]

Skin: Aeva-Amelia-Oasis [Shown in Tone 2, 4, and 6][Available at The Outlet Sales Room]

Eyes Zombie Suicide- Stary Eyes [Shown in Green]

Necklace: Phoebe Piercings- Wolf Necklace [FREE, available at Summer Break Festival]

Piercing: Cute Poison- Atonement Piercings

Top: Zombie Suicide- Cute Top Stars [Shown in Blue]

Navel: Phoebe Piercings: Inca Moon Belly Piercing-v2[ Available at Summer Break Festival]

Shorts: Boom- Feel Free Shorts- Bleached Blue

Bracelets: LouLou&Co-French Kiss set

Hip: Cute Poison- Hip Accent Piercing

Poses: Art Body Store- So Cute Pose Pack

3 replies to “Amelia, on my mind

  1. Its true, I do suck at not being able to offer different colours eyebrows and it does bother me..

    I have been working on tattoo layer eyebrows though so hopefully those will be finished soon.

    Thanks for the review though :)

    1. Ahh Amesha! I did not mean any harm, I love love your skins very much so! Now a days yours are the only ones I wear full time! I was just speaking my mind >.>!

      But I can’t wait to see your new items!!!

  2. oh no I like people speaking their mind! Its how I know what to do to make improvements. Eyebrows have been a bugbear of mine the whole time I’ve been making skins lol its the only real thing after so many years I struggle with so I know its a sucky thing XD

    But hopefully soon I’ll have it licked and there will be multi coloured eyebrows all around :D

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