Vibe Killin’

” Might as well go stupid since this is a stupid beat.” 

“Grab the owl out the tree, and ask that bitch, who but me?” 

Sugar released a new mesh hoodie; Kawaii Gone Bad. It comes in its normal sizes and XXL is the biggest side. NOW, this is where I am not p/o, but a little like Whaaaaa? XXL should be huge, not tiny. If anything when it comes to XXL mesh sizes the only thing I have to do is lower my boob size and it fits perfectly. The skirt is from Sn@tch and its an XL, normally I would only lower my fat just a bit and fix my hips and etc. For this top I had to lower it waaaay down to make the top fit correctly. I know its not Sugar’s fault, but come on >.>, Big girls need love too! Otherwise the top is awesome! Mesh rant over!! TP to Sugar:

Don't Kill my Vibe

Hair: Discord Designs – Sydd [Berry]

Eyes: Candy Mountain- Kreepy Tempo Eyes

Skin: Aeva-Willow- Tone 5

Make-Up: Glamorize- Rumours Eye Makeup- Violet

Forehead Tattoo: Songbird- Marked [Free, Makeup & Tattoo Hunt]

Piercing: Cute Poison- Zephyr Piercing [Free, Group Gift]

Ears: [Trapp] & Ni.Ju – Gelf Ears

Nail Applier: Songbird- Gloss Tipped Matte

Top: Sugar- Kawaii Gone Bad Hoodie [NEW][MESH][Please TRY the DEMO first]

Tattoo: Spearsong- Cut throat tattoo [Acid Lily Item]

Cuffs: Insanya- Captive Cuffs

Navel Piercing : Hebenon Vial – Churckgoer [Noctis]

Hip Piercings: Cute Poison- Hip Accent Piercings [SL Fashion Week Item]

Skirt: Sn@tch- Temple Mini [NEW][MESH][Shown in Purple]


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