Gutter Glitter

“Iridescent eyes of the seahorse rise”

“Treasures she loves other despise”

“A shooting star shan’t fall very far”

“Dim fireflies held in glass jars”

“April shows brings may flowers “

“Dazzling dust tossed in wind gusts”

“The trap door is open”

“The window half closed”

“The tapestry curtain vivaciously grows”

Sweet Life“London Bridge did fall down”

“My fair lady nearly drowned

“What is the reason to lock her up”

“When already she had such rotten luck”

“Bracelets of silver adorn my wrists”

“Candy kisses from sugared lips’

“Candy kisses me, kisses me…”

Gutter Glitter1

Hair: Magika- Pretty [Sale till July 10th, Hurry up!]

Eyes: Zombie Suicide- Summer eyes [shown in Blue][FREE, Dark Katz Hunts 4]

[Please, note the wording over the eyes are NOT part of the eyes they are by Beat[Box] ]

Skin: Aeva-Willow-Tone 5 [Feet is included with the skin packs!]

Eyeliner: Kathaarian-Eyeliner Set [Marketplace:]

Eyeshadow- Glamorize-Color Twist Eye makeup

Lipstick: Zombie Suicide-Firework Lipstick- Blue [Past Perfect Wardrobe item]

Piercings: Random.Matter-Buried Memeories-Black [Markeplace:]

Plugs: Zombie Suicide- Zebra Cross Plug [Free, Hunt gift]

Choker: Phoebe Piercings- Ladara Choker [Designer Circle Item]

Tattoo: Zombie Suicide- Believe Neck Tattoo

Arm Tattoo: Para Designs- Gothic Kiss [Free]

Dress: Zombie Suicide- Secret Garden Dress [NEW][MESH][The Perfect Wardrobe]

Cuffs/Ankle Cuffs- Insanya- Captive Cuffs

Nail Applier: .Vix- Bright Solids Pack [Marketplace:]

Band-aid- Damned- Knee Plasters-Pink Knee [Old Hunt Gift]

Blood- Suicidal Unborn- Bloody Knee 04

Pose- Pose Maniacs- Lexi [SL Fashion Week Item]

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