Pretty little Lindsey

So, taking a break from Swtor to do some catchin’ up! Off from work for almost a week, so catchin up here I come! In the first photos I am going to do something a bit different. I am going to show you each skin, but in a different tone. Each skin is different and there are 5 tones.

The Lindsey Skin is brand new from Zombie Suicide, comes in 4 different make-ups, but 5 different tones.


Lindsey: Skin # 1 Tone 1 Dark Brows,Skin # 2 Tone 2 Light Brows ,Skin # 3 Tone 3 Dark Brows, Skin # 4 Tone 4 Dark Brows , Skin # 4 Tone 5 Light Brows

Lindsey Skin Package

  • Tango Applier
  • Tango Applier w/ freckles
  • Tango Applier with no freckles
  • Slink Hand applier
  • Simple Shape
  • Dark and Light Brow skins also Cleavage and None
  • Full Body freckles darker/lighter
  • Face freckles darker/lighter
  • Blush v1 and v2
  • Tango Helper freckles

Please try the DEMOS before you buy, now take this taxi to Zombie Suicide.



Hair: Dura- 3rd year anniversary [FREE, group gift]

Skin: Zombie Suicide-Lindsey Skin # 4- Tone 4

Eyes: Dead Apples- Thunder- Rainbow

Piercing: Random Matter- Buried Memories [Marketplace:]

Collar: Zombie Suicide- Simmer Collar-Black and silver

Dress: Sn@tch – Tracy Linen Sun Dress [NEW][MESH][Purple Shown]

Nail Applier: .Vix- Bright Basicis [Marketplace:]

Tattoo: Suicide Gurls- Begs Tattoo [FREE, Makeup & Tattoo Hunt]

Shoes: Razorblade Jacket- High Molly Leg Warmers with shoe



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