Gimme some skin

Sugar has some really hot new skins out in five different tones; Tone 1 being the palest and Tone 5 being the darkest. Grab the SLurl and head on over to Sugar and try them out your self.

Chloe Clear

Chloe: Clear– Dark Brow Tone 1, Light Brow Tone 2, Dark Brow Tone 3, Light Brow Tone 4, Dark Brow Tone 5

Avil Clear

Avril: Clear–Dark Brow Tone 1, Light Brow Tone 5


Collarbone: Skin Collarbone, Collarbone Option 1 and Collarbone Option 2


Daring Lips: Blue Lips and Fuchia Lips

Juicy Lips: Strawberry Lips and Strawberry Koolaid Lips


  • Collarbone Options
  • Regular, Teeth and Cleavage Skins
  • Light and Dark Brow skins
  • Body Mods options

Lola Tango Applier is Available 

Old and New Nipples

Daring Lips 

New Lip sticks from Sugar

12 flavors

  • Black Lips
  • Blue Lips
  • Fuchia Lips
  • Hot Pink Lips
  • Light Pink Lips
  • Lime Lips
  • Orange Lips
  • Pale lips
  • Peach lips
  • Pinkish lips
  • Purple Lips
  • Red Lips

Juicy Lips

New Lip sticks from Sugar

9 flavors

  • Berry Lips
  • Fusion Pink Lips
  • Grape Fizz Lips
  • Lavender Lips
  • Paleish Lips
  • Peachie Lips
  • Rubies Lips
  • Strawberry Koolaid Lips
  • Strawberry Lips

Hair: Magika- Bliss

Eyes: SayaBanpaia Shop- Banpaia UnNatural eyes- Teal [Free,]

Piercing: Phoebe Piercing- Facial Piercing B2- Black


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