Never nervous

Yup! Still alive, its been chaos in my life. Double XP weekend for Swtor, so I’ve been leveling and working and when I am not doin’ that I am sleeping. So doing a bit catch up here. I may be late on some events, but I am pretty sure yall seen it when it was there and I am high lighting it for yall!


Pasties, I love them. I have an awesome pasties collection. Pasties are quick and easy to throw on when you don’t want to go anywhere or if its extremely laggy and I don’t want to put anything on bald, pasties, panties and I’m out. No shame in my game to be honest.  Sn@tch has some new pasties out for yall, comes in all sorts of designs and they are suitable for the Lola Tangos! Comes on a nice hud quick and easy.

I'm not nervous


Hair: Magika- Tendency [On sale till July 10th]

Tattoo 1: Para Designs – Simple Cross [Solid][Back of hand]

Tattoo 2: Haus of Darcy – Fallen Wrist Tattoo

Pasties: Sn@tch – Lick’em Pasties [Shown in Skulls][Comes with Lola Tango Hud][NEW]

Necklace: Cute Poison- Gamer Necklace [Black][I can’t take this necklace off][FREE][Hunt Item]

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