I spit on your grave

I am a fashion feed and blogger lurker. One Blog I stalk is Strawberry Singh’s, I am pretty sure EVERYONE stalks it. Lately she has been doing a bunch of memes. Now, I know the meme’s are to get the SL community together and particpate in them, but seeing several others make up different challenges and memes it tends to get rather boring and not interesting. I pretty much attempt to do a challenge, but I never make it all the way through lmao.


Anyways, I decided I was gonna do this one, after I like FINALLY something that -I- can have a rather decent interest in! YES! I am a big movie buff my main genre evolves around Horror, Japanese Horror, Korean, and etc. Gore, just bring it on! SO, I picked I Spit on Your Grave as my movie meme, staring Synful Ghost.  If you don’t know what it is, I was suggest you watch the original first, then the remake.  For more Meme’s visit Strawberry Singh’s blog: http://strawberrysingh.com/2013/06/10/my-sl-movie-poster-challenge/



Hair: Truth-Evelyn [Old Hair]

Skin: Aeva-Willow-Tone 5

Top: Scarpunk-Dirty White top [Marketplace]

Panties: Insanya-Panties [Past group gift]

[NOW, the layering is gonna get quite difficult so I’ll just go with the flow]

Blood is by Edelweiss, came with an outfit.

Some bruises are by Corvus

Most of the bruises are by SlightlySkewed   https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/27580

Knife: FLECHA- Black Bowie Knight [Marketplace] [MESH]

Pose: Pose Maniacs-Ana



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