Thrifty Shoppin’




New releases all around from Sugar and Zombie Suicide, and all items are within budget price range but for only a limited time. You can capture these items at these events: The Perfect Wardrobe and Thrift Shop Event.

Sugar has been creating new skins, just for an event they are in called Thrift Shop. 5 skins, tango appliers, SLink hands & Feet appliers, which are sold separately. Body mods package comes with the skins to customize it how you see fit!


Left to Right: Frosty Queen Light brows in Tone 1, Late Night Party Dark Brows in Tone 2, XCX Dark brows in Tone 3, Essentric Electric Light Brows in Tone 4, Rockin’ Ruby Dark Brows in Tone 5 [Darkest Tone].

I have to admit, I was really surprised how they looked on Syn. I thought they were really cute skins, well done. Now, the only thing I was really like I wish she made make-ups, because the eye make-up on Late Night Party and Essentric Electric  are hot.


  • Skins: 99L
  • Tango Appliers: 75L
  • SLnk Hands: 99L
  • Feet Appliers: 99L

The eyes used in the all photos are by Zombie Suicide called Wrath eyes; system and mesh, only available at The Perfect Wardrobe for only 90L!

The Perfect Wardrobe:

Thrift Shop Event:


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