Man, I’m so Banji


“I’m Banji, I’m fancy. “

“I’m so fine I can’t stand me! “

“You just an nominate, baby I’m a Grammy! “

“I’m so hot yall better come fan me! “

“Yall chicks betta listen before ya thinkin’ about dissin’! ‘

“I got a crew full of girls and we always on a mission!”

“When we come through the club just a popin’ and twistin’! “


BAuthentic Never Jeopardize Individuality


Hair: Truth Hair- Storm [Red Packs]

Top: Epic- Cropped Lace-Tex Bunneh Jacket [The Perfect Wardrobe Item]

Knuckle Tattoo: Juicy Box- Talk to the hand

Body Tattoo: Spearsong- Super Punk Tattoo

Navel: K’s K Piercng- Bananna Slut

Pants: Zombie Suicide- Twisted Leather Pants [The Perfect Wardrobe Item]

Bracelet: RealEvil Industries- Domina Bracelets

Poses- Glitterati- Peace Out [Glitterati has a closing sale, get poses while you can!]



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