Beauty and Grace

World Goth Fair starts this week, it’s dedicated to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, its an UK charity which was founded of the brutal murder of Sophie Lancaster, just because she was goth.

“Ten thousand times, ten thousand ways.” 

“To catch the beauty and the grace. “

“A thousand times, a thousand ways”

“A million times whispering your name.”

“Your name, your name, your name…”

It can't rain all the time

” For only once light comes again.”

“For only once light comes through again.” 

Again, again, again, again, again, again, again.” 


” Ten thousand times I grieve for you.”

“Ten thousand times you make me lose.” 

Hair: Elikatira- Thrive- Red 09

Skin: Aeva-Swan-Tone 5-Birthday Cake [Available for Lazy Sunday, just passed]

Eyes: Avatar Bizarre- Corvus Corax [Available at World Goth Fair]

Jewelry- Bliensen + MaiTa – Goth Moth and Hair Accessory [Available at World Goth Fair]

Lipstick- Glamorize- Glamorous Fade-Pewter

Outfit: The Plastik-Angelik Outfit [Available for Lazy Sunday, just passed] [MESH]

Umbrella: Souzou Eien-Pretty Goth Umbrella- Black Widow [Gacha][Available at World Goth Fair]

Tattoo: La Malvada Mujer-Volere Potere [NEW]

Nails: Shock-Fever nails XXL [Free, join group]

Navel Piercing: RM-Desecration piercing [For piercing please IM Nikohl Hax]

Poses: Chisa Creation -Umbrella Poses

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