My Revenge

” Seems everything I did was wrong and now everything’s gone.”

“Alone and silent, now this time is just for me.”

” I never wanted a part of this that got inside of me.”

“I thought I could get rid of you…it’s not true!”

“I wanted to get away I’ve never known what to say!”

“You were behind me, but never all the way!”

“And now I’ll put up a fight this is destined to end tonight!

“A course of action, execution, start the sequence go!”


” One, two, I’ll start with you because you had the most to lose.”

“Three, four, on the ground, humanity is going down.”

“Five, six, now attack, this time no touch-backs.”

“Seven, eight, in spite of all our instincts we must STRIKE.”


Hair: Truth-Juliette-Streaked-Cherry [Red Packs][Sale 75L, Till May 10th]

Skin: Aeva-Ariella-Tone 5-Natural [Available at Aeva//Heartsick Fundraiser]

Eyes: Turquoise Unicorn- Easter Egg Eyes [Shown in Tulip and Sweet Tart][Very ol’ hunt gift]

Eyeliner: Ni.Ju-Black Eyeliner-B03

Eyeshadow: Dead Apples-Glam-Leaf

Glasses: Role Optic Glasses-SG 82-Ares II

Mask: Zombie Suicide-Cannibalism Mask-Leather [NEW][MESH]

Ears: Hebenon Vial-Pierced Ears-Cutie Cartoons Pack

Tattoo: Dethly Productions- Ahoy Tattoo

Arms: Cobrahive-Arm Straps v2

Top: Luck Inc.-Lifted Top-Black-Sheer

Corset: Sn@tch-Passion Leather Corset

Gloves: Motivaction-Studded Gloves- Black Denim [Female Version]

Belt: 2Real-LEDbelt Bucklet v1.1 [Wording says “Synnimonbun”]

Pants: The Plastik-Aede Slacks- Apple

Knee Pad: Cobrahive- Core Kneepads

Boots: [LW]- Crushers-Platform Boots-Jade [MESH]


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