” The Marine Corps 

“Does not want robots”

“The Marine Corps”

“Wants Killers”

“The Marine Corps”

“Wants to build indestructible men”

“Men without fear”

“And then you will be in a world of shit.”


“Contorting spirit”

“Distorted creed”

“You know that your time has come”

“When the soil bleeds”


“Reaching forward, through the dark”

“Dead, marching forward, much colder than the cud”

“Reaching forward, through the dark”

“Spreading the Soilbleed, no return when you’re marked”

Hair: Truth-Bonnie-Streaked-Burgundy [Red Packs][Sale, till May 3rd]

Goggles: Epic-Kawaii Goggles-Leo-Black [Old Gatcha item]

Eyes: Repulse-Cyborg v3-Violet

Skin: Aeva-Faith-4-Bare

Make-up: La Malvada Mujer-The way of shadow

Mask: Zombie Suicide-Camo Mask [New Release][Mesh]

Piercings: Zombie Suicide-Chest Piercings

Body: Luck Inc- Camo Body

Shirt: Sn@tch-Butch Tank Top-Black

Arms: Sn@tch- Long Sock arm warmers-Black

Nails: Sn@tch-Fingertape-black/black nails

Skirt: Zombie Suicide-Punky Camo Skirt-Pink [New Releases][Mesh]

Gun: Silver Hawk Company- 9 MM Automatic Pistol [Free]

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