Casual Attention Span

I honestly, didn’t feel like doing anything glamourous today or lately in fact. I’ve been a bit more chilled and not so my usual self. I have no clue, but Syn looks really adorable. A lot of sales going on in April towards the end infact. Truth put all his hair on sale, Sn@tch is doing an four day spring sale, new releases do not count by the way! Zombie Suicide is doing a clearance sale and so forth! So I’ve just wanted to highlight that for the moment. Anyways, Syn here is lookin’ very casual, its mood fitting with me.


Hair: Truth-Marina-Cranberry [Red Packs][Truth Sale]

Necklace: Sweet Leonard-Elemental Necklace [Free, Group gift][Paid Group]

Outfit: Sn@tch-Pavillion [Comes with Top and capris of different color][NEW]

Piercings: Phoebe Piercings-Belly Piercings-M6-Black/9 Gems [Acid Lilly item]

Bracelet: Kosh-Multiplex Bracelet [Marketplace Item]

Shoes: Sn@tch-Spinner High Tops [Sn@tch Spring Sale]

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