Are you ready…?




[Warning Picture Heavy…Warning Picture Heavy…Warning Picture Heavy…Warning Picture Heavy…Warning Picture Heavy…]



Fantasy Faire has to be the most exciting event for me to participate as an blogger! I am going to share three designers. The Poses in all photos are by Musa, this is her first year in Fantasy Faire! Be sure to check her out! All effects are done by Talevin’s Designs, and the wonderful Skin and armor is done by the one and only. The Plastik!

In order for me to get into the mind frame of Fantasy Faire I had created an entire persona, Nox. Whom I admired after Storm from X-men, since I have an uber crush on her. I was like Hey, lets make it interesting, I could make it her long lost sister type deal who is extremely sinister, kind of like a Robin Hood type deal with Cat Woman! Anyways, Nox is my persona for Fantasy Faire!

On plurk I have been posting pictures of me messing with Talvein’s Designs Magic Hud. I created a thunderstorm, blue smoke, an orb when my beau tries to blow me up, I am protected! In one of the photos I used a different HUD by Talvein its an teleportation effects Hud. When you teleport , it only happens if that area allows rezzing, the effects rez.





[Pose here used: Musa-Dance with Sylph, included Viel RFL color]



I am not adding an style card to this, because mostly everything worn is made by The Plastik, including the glowing eyes, the hair is from Action Hair. Please be sure to look out for Musa, Talevin’s Designs and The Plastik at the Fantasy Faire 2013!!


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