Sourly Sweet



“Hey, you what do you see?! 

“Something beautiful, something free!”

“Hey you, are you trying to be mean?! “

“When you live with apes man, its hard to be clean!!” 

“There’s no time to discriminate”

“Hate every motherf*cker that’s in your way!”

The beautiful people, the beautiful people

Sourly Sweet


Sugar has an outfit at the XYRoom called A. Rocker, which will be opening its doors April 1st! SLURL will be posted upon the opening! The outfit includes Mesh Skirt, and Top.  There is a skirt size in the package that threw me complete off. I was extremely puzzled at how small it was. I couldn’t tell you what I thought exactly what I thought it was.  Flexi Mesh, so I thought it was Non Rigged? I am not an expert on Mesh, I myself am still learning since I detest it so much.  The sizes of the skirts are L,M,S,XS,XXS ans that goes with the tops as well.

Zombie Suicide has an new item out for Horror Haute, an face scar type tattoo. I myself am a fan of scars. I think it gives an unique feeling to an character. I’ve worn quite a few scars for when I am roleplaying, when I was going HYS, my girl had a scar on her face and backs of hands, why she always wore gloves. Its tintable! Which is always good.


Hair: Ploom-Seffy II-Poppy

Skin: The Plastik-Astrali Skin-Marse-Basic-Shadow

Eyes: Dead Apples-Anime eyes-Muted

Scar: Zombie Suicide-Face Scars 1 [NEW][Horror Haute item]

Make-up: Glamorize-Punch Eye Makeup-3

Lipstick: Glamorize-Punch Lipstick- Pink Icing

Piercing: Zombie Suicide- Jewlbie Piercings

Tattoo: Zombie Suicide- Believe

Tattoo: Para Designs-Nitemare Sleeve-Color-Light

Ears: Zombie Suicide-Mesh Ears [MESH]

Add-ons: Double loop, Piercings # 2, Simple Tunnel, and Striped Tunnel

Top: Sn@tch-Sydney Lace Demi Bra

Corset: Sn@tch Electra Corset

Skirt: Sugar-Rocker Belted Skirt [NEW][MESH][Large][XYROOM Item, not out yet]

Gloves: Plushberry-Lace Fingerless Gloves-Black

Nails: Utopiah-My Cute Hand

Ring: Cobrahive-Jaw Breakers-Doom

Fishnets and Socks: Sn@tch-Stripey Socks & Fishnets

Boots: Sn@tch-Mosh Pit Combat Boots [MESH]

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