Skin Fair 2013: Amacci-Rayna

Terra is a new tone, that Ms. Carina Larsen mentioned to me when I asked her if there was a possible darker tone for Rayna! She said there was it was a combo between Olive and Ebony. Terra is not to dark, nor light. So in my honest opinion is a nice mochaish tone.


[Rayna shown in Pearl-Drama, Olive-Candy, and Terra-Natural]

[Hair used in all photos Truth-Layla-Crow]

[Eyes used in all photos- Songbird-Delirium’s Eye-Purple, Gatcha item for Twisted Hunt]

Included in Skin pack:

  • 8 lip tattoos
  • Cleavage enhancer in tattoo layer and undershirt
  • XL Cleavage enhancer in tattoo layer and undershirt
  • Eyebrow shapers
  • Onyx hair base
  • Three shapes in Medium, Small and Curvy
  • Rayna skins in: Clear,Natural, Glam, Posh, Beauty, Candy, Ruby, Day, Green, Drama, Pink, Night, and Bronze.
  • Small Chest enhancer in tattoo layer and Undershirt.

For Lolas Tango applier its sold separate ladies!  Don’t forget to stop by the skin fair and get these lovely ladies while you can!!


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