Bedroom boom!

Are you currently looking for an inexpensive furniture, clothes, accessories?? Then Outlet Sales Room is open! I am very pleased to say Wayward Muse has sparked my interested with their items! Wayward Muse has the Cuir set out for a reasonable price! Each item is either 85L or 100L.  You have the Cuir Bed, Cuir Chest, Cuir nightstands and Cuir wall sconce.


Bed Boom


The bed is PG: Solo, Sleep, Couples poses. Only a few but just enough! You can see Syn here getting her online shopping going on.  While she was shopping she came across Greymoon and spotted these awesome Mesh Jeans. Hey have little cute swirly designs on them and they are cuffed.


EoD-Bunny Book storage [FREE, The Nest Easter Egg Hunt]

Apple Falls-Collector Egg [Burr and Calamander] [FREE, The Nest Easter Egg Hunt]

Wayward Muse- Cuir Bed, Chest, Nightstands and Wall Sconce.


On Syn:

Hair: Eaters Coma- Hair 09/Red [Crazy Pack]

Skin: Amacci Skin -Rayna – Terra-Natural [Skin Fair][Will blog up close photo later]

Top: Sn@tch- Fenway Jersey

Pants: Greymoon-Swirly Embossed Skinny Jeans Cuffed [The Outlet Sales Room] [MESH]

Shoes: Miel-Varsity Kicks-Brights

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