Skin Fair 2013: Pink Fuel

I would of had blogged earlier in the weekend, but I am not very open about personal information anymore, but a few people that paid attention to my timeline on plurk knows, but I had to take my mom back to the hospital Saturday night due to complications.  She is now back home and I have spare time to sit down and blog.

This is taken from Ms. Milena’s flickr about Alyx

” You get 8 makeups total: (Pure, Natural, Purple, Blue, Pink, Lt, Smokey, Smokey, Winged) + All the lipsticks for 1350L.”

” Once the fair is over, the skins will go back to the standard 1,100L for 2 makeups (like Kumi).”

Pay attention to the detail of the eye shape between A and B. I myself had to zoom in to see how it was different and I kind of prefer A.


Alyx Java: Natural B, Pure A, and Winged B


Alyx Caramel: Blue Eye A, Pink Eye B, Purple Eye B

[Hair used in all photos Action-Alison-Naughty]

[Eyes used in all photos Songbird-Mythic Green]

Pink Fuel can be found on SIM 2 at Skin Fair:


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