Skin Fair 2013: Adam and Eve

All I have to say is that I am not a skin person. I usually stick to one skin designer and tone and wear that skin till they come out with a new one in that tone. I’ve come to appreciate all the skins that I’ve tried on from the Skin Fair. I’ve realized that Syn looks good in dark tones. I really like Maha in T3 tone. Like I’ve said before, I have to fix her lips and nose a little bit on this shape, but so far my eyes has looked really great in all the shapes I’ve tried.


[ First and Second: Maha Skin T3 in Bare and Tequila ]

[ Third and Fourth: Maha Skin T2 in Mulberry and Cranberry ]

Included in the package:

  • Freckles, tintable. 
  • Black hairbase
  • Black hairbase wave
  • Bare inner eyelid
  • Cleavage dechancer
  • Cleavage enhancer
  • Dimples
  • No nails glove
  • 6 same skins in 6 different make-ups from Bare, Cranberry, Gold, Mulberry, Scarlet and Tequila.

For the Lola Appliers, news for you and this was a shock, but the appliers are 10L! That is a nice deal, if I do say so myself.

Ladies and gents the skin fair has open its doors! Here is the LM remember its TWO Sims so if one is full try going into the other one and look around.


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