Skin Fair 2013: The Plastik

I am very happy, I am able to blog the Skin Fair 2013 this year.  Some amazing designers and some I’ve never heard of are participating in this fair. One of the designers that I truly love is Aikea Rieko, the owner of The Plastik.


There is a lot included in the skin packs, the phase “You get bang for your buck” really does apply when you purchase her skins.






[Eyes worn in all photos: The Plastik-Haunt Collection-Sickness ; Included in the Skin Package]

Included in skin packages:

  • 8 Eyebrow Shapers
  • 4 Skins: Basic, Cover-up, Lolas Blend, and Toned Down.
  • Body freckles, Body Freckles heavy and Light.
  • Face Freckles, Face Freckles heavy and light.
  • Darker lips makeup
  • Lighter lips makeup
  • Lip stripe makeup
  • Smudgy shadow makeup
  • 18 facial tattoos; tintable.
  • Mesh/Prim Boobs applier for all four skins.
  • 5 eyes: Two are prim and the rest are mesh.
  • Bag o’Makeups and junk.

The only thing that is not included in the packages are shapes, you basically have a full avatar! Now on for the eyes. In my opinion The Plastik produces some very unique eyes and some of my favorites to wear!


Row 1

  • Reiia, mesh and prim eyes. Facial Tattoo: Juna
  • Jali, mesh and prim eyes. Facial Tattoo: Jaya.

Row 2

  • Nebula, mesh and prim eyes. Facial Tattoo: Bomb
  • Hirdian, mesh and prim eyes. Facial Tattoo: Capri

The Skin fair opens up Friday two full sims full of new and well known designers. So be on the look out for the landmarks!!


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