Computer Blue

“Where is my love life?”

“Where can it be?”

“There must be something wrong with the machinery.”

“Where is my love life?”

“Tell me, where has it gone?”

“Somebody please please tell me what the hell is wrong?!”

Computer Blue

“Till I find the righteous one. “

“Computer Blue”

“Till I find the righteous one.”

“Computer Blue…”

Hair: Mina Hair- Spice [NEW, My Attic]

Skin: Hush-Daisy-Cherry-Caramel

Eyes: Chus-Puff Lens; Seahorse and Dragon [Right]

Make-Up: La Malvada Mujer-Classic Mode- #2 Full [NEW, part of Classic Mode pack]

Gauges: Cobrahive-Gauged 03-Color

Piercings: HoD-Provocation Piercing part 2-Slide

Necklace: LouLou&Co-Eros [Part of Set]

Lingerie: Sugar- Electric Unicorn [NEW, Will be released during the Whore Couture 2]

Tattoo: Para Designs-Absinthe

Navel: K’s K Piercings-Belly Banana Butterfly [Marketplace]

Nails: Utopiah-My Cute Hand [Stuff in Stock]

Bracelet: LouLou&Co-Bracelet-Eros [Part of Set]

Shoes: N-Core-Triumph-One Voice Edition

Pose Prop: Glitterati-The Rack

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