” Ohne Dich stirbt mein Herz ” 

” Wo bist Du jetzt “

” Ich kann Dich spüren “

 ” Nimm mich mit ” 

” Nimm mich mit “

” Nimm mich mit in die Dunkelheit

Cupid's Arrow

February is a month of love, hunts and history. I’ll prefer the history and hunts to the mess called love. Couple of hunts has started such as Tainted Love Hunt, Jack or Jill, and much more.  The highlighted gift is from Tainted Love Hunt which Contraption entered. All the items are 1L and they have a preview of the items when you land, which I like! Because if its something I am not interested in I’ll keep it moving!

The item comes in two sizes male and female, one is resizable.  You have till the end of the month to get this item. Don’t wait, just go get it.

Take me to your fairyland

“Show me the place where I can hide”

“Protect me from this misery”

“Don’t let reality kill me ”

Hair: Truth -January-Blaze [Free, ex-group gift]

Skin: Al Vulo-Eleonor-Natural-Chocolate [Old TDRF item]

Ears: Trap & Ni.Ju-Gelf Ears-Low-Pierced

Harness: Contraption-Pseudo Amor Harness [Tainted Love Hunt item 1L]

Gloves: Trap-Fuzz Gloves Heart [Really Old group gift]

Pants: Trap-Fuzz Leggings-Pink-Heart [Really Old group gift]

Pose: Del May- Pride [Old Twisted Hunt gift]

Place: World’s End Garden


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