Sandwich anyone?

The Outlet Nor has opened up! Yay, and like always awesome creators has produced some wonderful items. Wayward Muse has strikes again in my book. I would really recommend to visit The Outlet Nor and Wayward Muse. WayWard Muse has put out a kitchen counter top with poses included; 6 poses. Kitchen Utensils, sold separate and a huge area rug, sold separate as well. <—LM to The Outlet Nor

Kitchen 1










Kitchen 2



Hair: Magika-Jess

Necklace- Scrub- Zoso Collar

Dress: Sn@tch – Desiny Dress – Blue [MESH][NEW][X-large]

Gloves: Plushberry-Laced Fingerless Gloves-Black

Tattoo: Halfdeer- Cross Tattoo [Wrists]

Shoes: Sn@tch- Eartha Leather Boots [Newish]


Kitchen Counter Top: 17 LI

Kitchen Utensils: Coffee Pot [3 LI], Sandwich [1 LI], Cutting board and fruit [4 LI], Spice Rack [3 LI]

Autumn Rug: 1LI

That is only 29 LI for all this you see, and did I mention that the water turns on as well? Pretty good deal if you ask me.


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