I have two outfits for you that are at the Outlet Sales Nor; Greymoon and Le Fil Casse. All items from the Outlet Sales Nor is mesh that I am wearing. Also I have some new releases from Butt-err and Zombie Suicide. Zombie Suicide has a new tongue piercing that is only available at the Black Market

Butt-Err has a grand opening today! Dollarbies and Freebies! You can buy Hair, Jewelry, Shirts, Shorts, and pants. So come on down and see the shop for your self. =3




Hair: Truth-Cleo-Streaked- Hotpink [OLD group gift]

Skin: Aeva//Heartsick-Faith 4-Bare

Eyes: Tacky Star-Hazy Daze

Piercings: Haus of Darcy- Provocation Piercings- Slide

Collar: Cobrahive- Kurosu Necklace

Eye shadow- Glamorize – Soft Smoke Eye Make-up – Hot pink

Lips- A&M-Pastel Lipsticks- Pale Grey- 70%- Pouty Teeth XL

Dress: Le Fil Casse- Claudia Mesh Dress in Sketchy Pink- Large [The Outlet Nor] [MESH]

Nails: SHOCK- Glitter Storm Nails [Free, Group Gift]

Stockings: Sn@tch – Shannon Garter Socks – Rose

Shoes: Sn@tch Drucilla Boots



Hair: Friday-Cameron. 2- Reds

Skin: Aeva//Heartsick-Faith-4-Bare

Eyes: Hermony-MP Eyes- Grass

Tattoo: Mai-Art – Stars Tattoo [Martplace]

Ears: Zombie Suicide- Mesh Gauged Ears [Size 5]

Add-On: Piercing set #2 & #3, Dead of the dead and Checkered

Top: Greymoon- Fading Stripes Fashion Shirt-Black [The Outlet Sales Nor] [MESH]

Paints: Greymoon-Fading Stripes Dress Paints- Black [The Outlet Sales Nor] [MESH]

Nails: Shock-Glitters Storm Nails [FREE, group gift]

Shoes: Medley- Basic bitch Heels [Store closed]



Hair: Ploom- Kinsley-Coontails-Large [REDS][MESH]

Skin: Aeva//Heartsick-Kawaii-Euphoria-Au Natural

Eyes: Turquoise Unicorn-Sad Story-Gangreen-Small

Ears: Zombie Suicide- Mesh Gauged Ears [Size 5]

Add-On: Piercing set #2 & #3, Dead of the dead and Checkered

Piercing: Butt-Err-Double Nostril-Left [Dollarbie, Inside Bag front of store]

Tongue: Zombie Suicide-Mustache Tongue n Piercings [The Black Market!]

Top: Butt-Err-Pac Man Tee [Dollarbie]

Shorts: Butt-Err- Grey Shorts [Dollarbie!]

Socks- Bubble- Basic Socks-Black

Shoes: Santo-Warthogs-Blue [Free, was, don’t know if they are still there]

Tattoo: Para Designs- Black Boom-Dark

Hands: Sn@tch-Fingertape -Black/Aqua


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