Its the noise that makes me human…







This song technically this song fits me, because one I’m sick. Two it was around 3 a.m. when I finally thought about what the hell was I doing still up?? o.O Then I realized I am doped up on Promethazine and other medication; thus why I am still up lol!

“Its 3AM

And I am laying wide-awake

And I can’t sleep for the noise inside my head”

Vivid Glare1







“I could scream myself to sleep

If it would shatter the illusion

But I can’t give into this

It’s the noise that makes me human”

Pushed Over

” It’s much too late

And I am slowly losing ground

A prisoner to the noise inside my head”

Falling dream

Skin: Curio-Acorn-Dark-Party Girl-Pure 2 [Welcome back, Free]

Eyes: Dead Apples-Sinistre Eyes-Invaded [Free, Pink Edition]

Glasses: Role Optic Glasses SG 82-Ares II

Make-Up: Sn@tch-After Hours Makeup-Madame-T [Free, Fishing item]

Hair: Alice Project-Demonia-Cyberlox-Infinity

Veins: Dead Apples-Veins

Mask: Dv8-Tyrant Mask [Old Hunt item]

Piercings: HoD-Fire in the Water-Part 1-Slide

Piercings: HoD-End of the Night-Part 2-Female-Slide

Outfit: Sn@tch-My Future Self [Free, Fishing Item]

Katana: Dv8- Xevian MK II Cyber Katana

Arm: Dv8-Zydrate Fix [Free, Not sure if DV8 is still up? Last I heard it closed down]

Boots: A & Y Bunker – Deuz Boots-Metallic-Black

Poses: Leafy- Suicide Poses [Photo 2 & 3]


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