My children, come here…

“I have to tell you something

Soon you’ll be by yourself

I will leave you all alone…”

Queen Monster

 ” Too long is the pass 

I have to walk 

Too far away is my destination

Too rare are the honest words

Too far away is my horizon “

Monster in the Maze 01

” My strength is in you

My Light will guide you

Too long is the pass…”

Hair: Elikatria – Interrupted – Reds [MESH]

Eyes: Repulse – Nocturnal Eyes- Green

Skin: Aeva//Heartsick-Mew 2-Euphoria-Au Naturel

Piercings: HoD- Fire in the water- Part 1-Slide

Ears: HoD- Dragon’s Tail Gauge v2-Razor

Horns: Sinful Needs- Mesh Demon Horns- Mephistopheles [MESH, The Outlet Sales Room]

Facial Tattoo: Plastik-Demon Fades-Tattoo-Face-Aurah

Facial Tattoo: Plastik-Demon Fades-Tattoo-Eanh

Demon Marks- Plastik- Demon Fades-Black

Collar: Plastik-Recluse Collar-Buckled-Leather Black

Claws: [Ni.Ju]-Claws

Chest Piercings: HoD- Gods & Monsters-Part 2-Slide

Wings: Broken Wings [Market Place]

Outfit: SAKIDE-Dangerous Leather BodySuit

Navel Piercing- Nightshade- Belly Ring- Black Widow

Tail: Sinful Needs- Mesh Tail- H-Spaded Short, Chubby bare [MESH, The Outlet Sales Room]

Boots: HoC Industries-  Thigh High Boots [MESH]

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