The Outlet strikes again

I am not one for really doing furniture. Like, I love furniture, but decorating is not my strongest point. Lol, I have to get my girlfriend or find somebody on plurk to come decorate my house. Skylar, came and decorated my carrot house for me lol. So!  Moving along! The Outlet Sales Room, has a lot of different genres and items about. A lot of new creators to me, that I haven’t even heard of .


This one isn’t new to me, Wayward Muse has a nice set out. Greymoon, which is totally new to me has a couple of items out as well.  Put! This is preview one of the Outlet! Stay tuned for more items!!!

Wayward Muse


Wayward Muse02



Hair: Ploom- Kinsley/Coontails-Reds [MESH, From Advent special]

Skin: Aeva//Heartsick-Kawaii-Euphoria-Au Naturel

Eyes: Ni.Ju-Winter Deep Eyes-Artic

Shirt: Greymoon-What’s your angle- Black [MESH, Outlet Sales Room]

Pants: Sn@tch-Ex-Boyfriend Jeans-Black [MESH, NEW, X-large]

Sneakers: Insanya-Player 13 sneakers


Wayward Muse: Cereza Coffee Table [MESH, Outlet Sales Room]

Wayward Muse: Cereza Frame set [MESH, Outlet Sales room]

Wayward Muse: Cereza Fur Rug [Outlet Sales Room]

Wayward Muse: Cereza Side Table [ MESH, Outlet Sales Room] 

[All this is separate, Most of it is 6 LI. Altogether is 20 LI] 

Pose: Glitterati- Pillow Pile- Fally [Past 50L Friday special]


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