New release from Zombie Suicide, Dimple piercings and Splashed boots! Which look totes adorable! These boots are so neat lookin’, I think! They come in different colors from: Dark blue, Light blue, Yellow, Red, Pink, Green, Purple. Affordable. Go check it out! 

Hair: Amacci Hair-Karen-Modern Red [Free, Women’s stuff Hunt]

Skin: Apple May Designs: Atalise-Dark

Eyes: Plastik-Vaele Coll-Sadness

Make-up: Virtual/Insanity-Make-me up-Paintbrush color

Lipstick: Glamorize-Monday lips- Painted Purple

Piercings: Zombie Suicide- Cheeck dimples with piercings v2 [NEW release]

Necklace: LouLou&Co-Necklace-MB?

Outfit: Glittertrash-Arteest Painter Dress [Store no longer]

Shoes: Zombie Suicide-Splashed Boots- Blue and Purple [NEW release][Sold separate]

Bracelets: Manna-Gouache Bracelet-Green

Nomnoms: Lostwood-Paintbrushes&Doodles [Just a random item I had in my inventory, unsure if the store is still around]

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