Welcome to the show!

The ringmaster has altered, but the circus remains the same.

– Baron Ashdown



She stood in the darken illuminated hallway, admiring her appearance before she made her announcement and opened up the thick doors. A grotesque smile appeared behind her metal like rusty mask which looked stained with blood.  She took a few steps towards the doors; pushing them outward, standing as tall as she could. She finally made the announced toward the crowd, “Ladies and Ghouls, and Ghosts of all ages! Welcome to the greatest show on earth!” With an arm across her chest, she bent at the waist. Welcoming the crowd in. 


Hair: Dura-Halloween group gift-Male [Free] [Tinted to red]

Eyes: Ni.Ju-Vortex Eyes – Fiery [50% off for Halloween, till Nov 1]

Mask: Contraption-Masks-Sospettoso-Bloody ghoul [Free group gift, limited time]

Jacket: Blue Blood [Very old hunt gift, Down the chimney hunt] 

Pants: Plastik-Aeda Slacks-Black

Boots: A&Y-Deuz Boots-Metallic-Black

[View either on Flickr or double click on photos to view larger]



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