Casual punk outlook

Two new items from Zombie Suicide! Punky Hooded Dress top and Adrenalin piercing!

Top: Zombie Suicide-Punky Hooded Dress- Pink [XLarge] [Comes in 6 colors, please try Demo first.] [MESH]

Piercing: Zombie Suicide-Adrenalin Piercing [Color Changeable, From Black to Dark Blue]

Hair: Raw House-Kannibal [Red]

Legs: Sn@tch- Rocktober Legwarmers- [Pink] [XLarge] [New! Love these legwarmers!]

Shoes: Sn@tch- Spinner High Tops

Don’t forget Zombie Suicide’s hunt started as well Sn@tch’s Resting Place hunt! Blogs of those coming soon! So stay tune! Till then! Go try it out yourselves!!

Zombie Suicide:




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