I’m not your pretty toy…

I’m not your pretty toy

I’m not what gives you joy

And if you want me to stop bleeding 

Then don’t cut me

F*ck that I’m human!

[This is a Raid your closet challenge]

Hair: Magika-Veruka II

Skin: CandyDoll-Calista-Dark

Eyes: Repulse-Living Dead [Blind] [Large]

Outfit: Paradisis-Bloody Nurse [Excluding Extra blood and Shoes]

Shoes: Sn@tch-Snister Pumps

Barcelets: Amorous-You

Mouth: HoD- Reformed

Head tattoo: Repulse-Head shot face tattoo

Neck tattoo: Repulse-Slit throat Vital Wound [Bloody]

Chest tattoo: Repulse-Autopsy Chest Wound [Stapled]

Don’t tell me I shouldn’t scream

You made me…


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