Raid your closet

Its been awhile. As much as I hated secondlife, I’ve come to find myself back to it.  I’ve decided to pick up back blogging by doing this challenge, till I find my groove again. So here is my little closet raid.  For my FlickR fans, I have an new explicit photo on Flickr for your viewing pleasure.  Cheers.

“Reich mir die Hand, unsere Welt wird brennen.”


“Der Zweifel und die Angst werden im Feuer untergehn. 
Reich mir die Hand, unsere Welt soll brennen, 
unser Stolz und unser Blut in alle Ewigkeit vereint.”

Hair: Truth-Lilia-Blood

Skin: Redbird-Winter Skin/Deep Tan [Store closed]

Blindfold: Razorblade Jacket-Bloody Blindfold

Tattoo: I.D-The Deadliest Fairy

Lipstick: Glamorize-Totally Lush Lips-Dead Rose

Blood: (TW) Vamps- Bloody Mouth

Bracelets: HoD-Nothing’s Bracelet

Piercing: Ni.Ju-Stairway to Heaven-Bloody


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