Gonna start up a riot…

Damn right they got, damn right they got it…

I eat your girl up for breakfast, won’t save you no extras
Say she flockin’ with me cause a real b!tch is her preference
Drinking like I’m from Texas, and you know I stay flexin
And if you don’t know I go by tity two necklace

I’m a start a riot, I’m a start a riot…

Hair fair as started and the sims were full blown packed. I some how manged to get in the first day in luck, then I had to leave. Figures. I managed to pick up Discord Designs, Dhilon. The style just won me over in the photo and I -had- to have this. I think dreads are so awesome looking on my girl here. Nothing bad to say about this style, that is fun and looks pretty rather on male or female, cheers.

Hair: Discord Designs- Dhilion [Hair Fair 2012] [Shown in deep red]

Skin: Candydoll- Calista-Dark [Lazy Sunday]

Eyes: Poetic Color- Pearl-caramel-medium [Free; at their main store]

[Photo inspired by 2 Chainz- Riot]

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