Title explains it all! I’ve been sick IRL, so I haven’t been focused much on Secondlife. All my attention has been put on to Star wars: the old republic. =3 A new friend my plurk, I met back awhile back decided to play on the same server ^-^! We rolled our second fifties now we are working on our third!

Sorry for the bland photos, I honestly didn’t feel like doing much editing. So Enjoy!

Hair: Tameless- Alma- Reds

Skin: Apple May Designs: Arabell-Dark

Piercings: Hebenon Vital- Beast [Ink] [Store is closing everything is 30L so get it while is hot.]

Top: Zombie Suicide- Alexxis Top-Stars Dark [Forgot! This top was on sale for 15L or 25L forgot, but sale ends today!]

Shorts: Su.vida- Low rise shorts – ashed [Store is closing]

Shoes: Kyoot-Platform Wedges [ Black]

Feet tattoo: Su.vida- cupcakes & perals

Gun: Silverhawk-9mm automatic pistol

[Everything else previously blogged]


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