Amazing…Its’s amazing…

“No matter what

You’ll never take that from me!

My reign is as far as your eyes can see.

Its Amazing…”

A couple of items, some free, new releases or soon be to be released! So just a quick little portrait shot of the items. =3 Enjoy.

Eye shadow: Swallow-Fluo-make p limited gift (free; group gift; free to join)

Piercing: Ni.Ju- Celtizine Piercing-Earth (Not sure if Vita, has them released yet or planning on. But its pretty =P)

Piercing (chest): Ni.Ju – Broken Hearted Piercing (free; The Rotting Valentine’s Day Hunt)

Nails: Virtual/Insanity-Pop’N’Gun nails (free; Zombie Popcorn hunt)

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard- Light sensitive- light green

Teeth: CandyDoll- Prim Teeth (Braced)

Eyelashes: Garage- Eyelashes v.8 (not sure if the store is still around…)

Collar: HoD- Draconic Spiked Collar.

Bracelet: HoD- Prayer of Forgivness

Bracelet 2: A:S:S- I carry your heart-jasper.

Top: Sn@tch- 2 tone leather corset (purple)

(Everything else has been blogged! =P Kthx!)

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