Pop Champagne

Okay, I am not the type to wish sweet New Years and etc. I am about to go white boy crazy up in this bit! So, Pop Champagne babeh and have an awesome time!!

Hey how we ball in the club

How you hate it! 

Mami dancin’ on the floor like she naked

When she laid up with you I know she fakin’

All the girls give it to me! 

I ain’t gotta take it! 

Oh, Pop Champagne!!

Baby I wanna see you work! 

See you dance

Without no shirt

Without those pants!

Pop champagne!!

Hair: 69- Moa 02-Silver [Modded]

Skin: CandyDoll- Lucie-Cup D-Tanned

Eyes: Chus-The Wise Ent [Hunt gift]

Piercings: HoD-Reach-Crush-F

Make-up: Grixdale-Body Shoppe-Barbie?

Headphones: To Be Unique- DJ Headphones v2- [Market place]

Top: Sassy Kitty Designs-Pulled down Top-Dark Grey

Skirt: Sassy Kitty Designs-Sassy Denim Mini Skirt

Pumps: Sassy Kitty Designs-Croc Pumps

Glove Holder: Sey-RJK2-Glove holder-Black

Mouth piece: Mariposa-Matchstick-green

Pose: Glitterati-Drink


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