Sorry 4 the wait

This is my 100th blog post! I thought I would never make it! I know 101 will be my 100th Bang post xD!  But I thank everyone who watches my blog, viewed it, commented, swapped urls and etc. It means very much to me! ^-^!  Each post I seem to get better and better at it! So lets move foward!

“Okay, Jump off a building

Jump out a window

Smoke like a junky

And flock like a nympho!

Drink like a goldfish

That’s right, you know this!

Hold up, Click-Clack!

Okay, I’m reloaded!”

Hair: Truth- Cate

Eyelashes: Hebenon Vial-Dramatique Lashes [1L gift in store?]

Piercings: Hebenon Vial-Inque [Zombie Popcorn Hunt]

Necklace:  NeverMore-Love in Idlness-Wrath [Depraved Gatcha sale]

Shoulder Pet: Forsaken-Super Special- Kitteh wants BRAINS

Shirt: SAKIDE-Drop Shoulder RIP [Rare Gatcha Item, Depraved Gatcha sale]

Panties: fame.less-Slutty Slip Solid-Black

Nails: Sn@tch-Fingertape (Black/Blue)

Chest tattoo: 4.Arsenic-ink- Eyes are watching [I found this one Marketplace free]

Bottom tattoo: Nana- No likes just love tattoo [1L gift]

[Everything else has already been previously blogged! Btw, those piercings by H.Vial, drove me insane to fit them to my face! Sooo many shadows! XD But I loved them. Well worth the look in the shop!]

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