Bitch from hell

” Keep rattling my cage

I’ll get into your veins

Press my buttons long enough

And I’ll eat your brains.

Always in my face

With the smallest detail

Keep thinking you’re on top when I’m digging your grave

I’ll be a bitch from hell…”

Most of you know Zombiepopcorn Hunt has started and let me tell you, DO IT!  And just to kick the hunt off, The Walking Dead season 2 came on. So I really couldn’t focus on the hunt all that well. Here are just a few items, that I picked up, or well two. o.o! Yup! =D  Oh sorry if the picture came out dark, but -I- happen to like dark photos so, =D

Hair: Truth- Hadley

Blind Fold: Razorblade Jacket- Faith- Blooded Blindfold [ZPH]

Mouth: HoD- Reformed- [ZPH]

Chest Piercing: HoD- Bulletproof Piercing Collection [Perfect Wardrobe]

[Everything else has been previously blogged! K Thanks!]


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